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Making the world all together beyond the barrier of prejudice and disability

National Institute of Special Education(NISE), founded in 1994 with goals to improve special education and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, has been playing a vital role in providing the basis for policy making and implementing it in practice as the central authority.

NISE mainly focuses on research in the field of special education relating to policy making and on-site support, offers off/on-line teachers training, promotes information technology, as well as developing special education curriculum and related textbooks. Also, we make efforts for life cycle support to enhance active social participation from students with disabilities by developing programs designed to both ensure the rights of the students and increase awareness for disability. We also provide vocational and career training and support higher education, along with lifelong education.

NISE holds variety of seminars and publishes the Field of Special Education both of which serve as grounds for sharing and discussing the latest issues in the field of special education. In 2014, we are looking for effective ways to develop therapy support services and culture and art education.

NISE is continuously growing as a specialized organization providing the latest information and material for special education to the school field. Furthermore, the NISE has become a friendly neighbor with teachers and families dealing with students with disabilities since you have been giving us unstinting encouragement and trust.

We will do our best to make the world all together beyond the barrier of prejudice and disability.

Thank you

General Director   Yi Gu Woo.